Shahastra Chandi Puja

Shahastra Chandi Puja

Harsiddhi Mandir, Ujjan M.P.

Shahastra Chandi Pooja is popularly known as Devimahatamyam. This hymn is presented in the form of dialogue between Markandeya and Kroshtuki in Markandeya Puranam.

Shahastra Chandi is performed to invoke the potential force of Shakthi to promote tranquility, happiness and general welfare.For the sake of destroying any kind of painful situation or negative energy there is no other yagya more powerful than Shahastra Chandi Maha Yajnam.

When this pooja is performed the divine energy is multiplied millions of times and Devi showers supreme blessings and give joy, health and prosperity in abundance.This pooja is most beneficial when performed during Navratri.

While the Harsiddhi Temple in Ujjain is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths of Mother. It is believed that Devi Sati elbow fell on this place, after which the shaktipeeth was established here.